Are You Scared to Live Or Are You Living Scared


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Dream the fantasy or dream the nightmare

I am not what many would say am a old person. I am not what most would say am a rich person. However I have found that I am old beyond my years. Over time I have also found that I am rich beyond my the bank account and the things I own. I have great wealth beyond that which anyone could ever possibly earn or have in the terms of real wealth as most would say. Ladies and gentlemen I have the power of belief in the positive. I am not saying that a positive attitude is all that you need to be happy. What I am saying is that a positive attitude and a positive yet real way of dealing with the things that I needed to take care of (actions). The answer to 95 percent of our problems are available to us if you only see things as they REALLY are and not as we WE WANT THEM TO BE or want to see them. If you really want to be happy Be Happy. Sounds simple right. Here is the trick, here is the real secret. If you take what I am about to tell you to heart and actively work on this every day you will have more then you ever dreamed and will be Very happy. Here is the answer be happy. Remove the things and people that negative and refuse to be happy from your surroundings and life. You can only change you. You are only responsible for you. Let’s face it there are a lot of very unhappy people in the world. Take the road less traveled and let them ride alone. Get off the highway of life and see the scenery.

We may not like change however change is a part of life. If you are 18 you are not the same person you were when you were 10 years of age. If you are older then 10 or 18 this process of change is still acting on you today. If you really want better you have to start working on ourselves that means you have to start working on you. If you wear a size 8 shoe a size 5 will never fit. If you put a size 5 on your foot you are going to experience some pain.

If you buy a positive book, tape, CD or DVD read it, watch it. Most importantly try what is being offered to you. You purchased, rented or got it from a friend. Let’s face it if you are not happy you have nothing to lose. The past is over and done. If you have a nightmare the one thing that you can not wait to do is WAKE UP. So with that in mind why would you live a nightmare of a life day after day. While would you work at a job you hate day after day to only make a living. When you could possibly live your dream yes your fantasy if you only put your mind and heart to it. Let’s state living today, right now.

Happy is not a fake smile. Please remember happiness is internal first.

Happiness is a state of mind based on correct actions. You happiness starts and ends with you.

By Zurriane Bennett

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