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10 Art House Films to Watch After You See 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'
… in Iran, relevant to the Ninja Turtles? Because of pizza, of course. The main character, who we immediately see take his own life during a failed robbery, is a pizza delivery man by profession, and he sees a lot of the class imbalance in his job …
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Zack Snyder Felt Compelled to Defend Aquaman on Detroit Radio
However, CBS Detroit (via SlashFilm) reported that for some reason, director Zack Snyder felt some sort of inherent need to call in to a Detroit radio station to defend the honor of the underwater superhero from DC Comics. This isn't a prank call as it …
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MSNBC Gets Pranked By Howard Stern Fan During Malaysian Crash Coverage
A prank caller somehow got himself onto MSNBC on Thursday, where he cursed at host Krystal Ball during a discussion of the Malaysian Airlines plane crash. "You're a dumb ass, aren't you?" he said, after stating that it was "a blast from Howard Stern's …
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