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April Fools Day 2015: The 15 Best Tech Pranks We Hope You Didn't Fall For
If you thought all the latest technology was supposed to give you more time to partake in the simipler things in life, think again. But Google's April Fools' Day prank is here to solve your time management issues and scare you a little. Google Fiber …
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The 12 Funniest Times Ellen Has Pranked People On Her Show
She has celebrities prank call other celebrities, sends her staff to haunted houses, has people dress up in costume and jump her guests in bathrooms—you know, the usual. So, yes, it's pretty clear that scaring people is just another daily activity to …
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Report Of Armed Gunman At Holmdel Elementary School Was A Hoax
Christine Gallinaro was among a group of parents that were trying to breathe easy after the scare. “I'm glad that both my children who … As parents anxiously waited outside the school, they got the news that is was all a prank. “We are 99.99 percent …
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