Pushkar Camel fair in India

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India is a land of diverse cultures and extraordinary traditions. People, from all over the world, want to experience its rich, amazing heritage and multi ethnic cultural fairs. Pushkar Camel fair is a wonderful and spectacular fair held at Pushkar Ji in the royal state of Rajasthan. This exotic Pushkar camel fair enhances the grandeur and splendour of this sacred land of Lord Brahma. In the month of Kartik during full moon the fabulous Fair Ground of Pushkar reverberates with sounds of tinkling bells of decked up and decorated camels. Villagers filled with great enthusiasm and zest brings their camels to this fairground from all over the state.

Camel trading is a major activity at Pushkar Farther vast expanse of arid sand is filled with thousands of camel’s .A lot of bargaining takes place during trading of camels. Apart from this, exhilarating camel races are held. The tourists are taken aback by this captivating experience they get on Pushkar Camel Fair Tour.

Every visitor to Pushkar Camel Fair must get hold of the chance to enjoy a Camel safari. The immense and panoramic expanse of the desert can be best explored by taking a Camel Safari Tour. Camel safari is the most t memorable and alluring experience. This exhilarating activity helps to reveal the magical mountainous and rocky landscape of Great Indian Sahara Desert. Camels are employed as the magnificent and stately carriers taking the visitor across the golden sandy expanse helping him to understand the mystifying ways of the desert.

The magnificent Arravali Range is one of the oldest with its small dunes, vast sandy fields, enchanting hills, enthralling sunrise and sunsets. The visitor is greatly moved and thrilled by its captivating beauty, picturesque attractiveness and amazing views experienced during Camel Safari Tours. Many Camps are also organized in the desert where artists give amazing song and dance performances which enthral the tourist’s .Delicious and mouth-watering Rajasthan food is served during the stay in these camps. The camel safari takes the tourist around the back roads of the desert to visit the ancient temples, royal palaces, old fortresses, quaint villages and exotic wildlife. Camel Safari Tours gives the person the golden opportunity to discover and experience the charisma of the majestic desert and take home some life time memories with them.

For the visitor, it is an unparalleled and unforgettable experience to capture the vibrancy of the entire state of Rajasthan in one place. A destination known for royalty, grandeur and elegance attracts millions of visitors from India and all over the world.

Pushkar Fair– Get an experience of a lifetime by visiting the most interesting Camel tour in Pushkar Ji. The centre attraction of the Pushkar Fair is the camels that are decorated, raced and sold. Explore the vastness of the tour by booking Pushkar Tour packages at IndianTravelPackages.com. Explore another side of India and make your trip unforgettable by booking Pushkar camel fair.

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