Q&A: Former NASA employee, current stand-up comedian

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Q&A: Former NASA employee, current stand-up comedian
Female comics also have it pretty tough, because a lot of men just don't think women are that funny. Especially if you're attractive, then you have no chance of being funny at all. As a female comic, you really have to hit the ground running with your …
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Thanks to Hilary Duff, We Know What an Online Dating Reality Show Would
"Then also what they say in their little profile has to be funny. I don't want to see some shirtless mirror selfie — that's instantly a 'left.'" Of course, the guy she's been chatting the most with cleared both of those initial bars. In fact, Duff …
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Jeff Simon: Diane Sawyer and Bruce Jenner gave us two great hours of television
What hit me full force at that moment in that amazing two hours of network television is not the complexity of the transgender experience – that subject about which most of us know almost nothing. What hit me was the almost unfathomable subject of …
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