Transformers Voyager – Grappel


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Transformers Voyager – Grappel

Transformers Voyager - Grappel

    • Save your Cybertronian warriors with his skills! Solar Storm Grappel is based on the Transformers: Generation 1 Autobot hero Grapple.
    • Brave Autobot architect transforms from truck to robot and back again!

    Their war, our world!

  • The massive robots in disguise can be anything– a helicopter, a rescue vehicle, even your car– and who knows what they’re after?
  • This is the individually packaged Generation One-inspired Solar Storm Grappel toy that measures about 7-inches tall in robot mode.
  • Save your Cybertronian warriors with his skills!

Before the war, the skyline of nearly every city on Cybertron was distinguished by the remarkable silhouettes of at least one building designed and constructed by Grappel. His work embodied the spirit and culture of his world, combining perfect functionality with unmatched elegance. It broke his Spark to see his works destroyed, one by one, as the war ravaged the world. Now he builds without art, constructing buildings meant to last only long enough to shelter the Autobots while they plan their

List Price: $ 24.99


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